marit hanson
licensed acupuncturist

to get the usual boring stuff out of the way first, i graduated from bastyr university with a masters in acupuncture and oriental medicine back in 2006, and am board certified in oriental medicine by the nccaom (national certification commission for acupuncture and oriental medicine).

i moved from seattle in 2015, where i had an active and thriving community acupuncture clinic (grassroots community acupuncture) in the fremont neighborhood. my plans were (and still are) to eventually set up a similar clinic here in chelan, because i loved everything about practicing in a community setting, but i have finally reached the point where i miss working with patients and practicing acupuncture too much to let it go any longer. in addition to which, i have the incredible opportunity to share space with my father, mark hanson, who is an amazing physician and has always been the one i go to when i or my patients have questions. so, for now, i will be starting with a smaller practice in chelan, and am really looking forward to getting started.

building community is very important to me, and i am deeply committed to making acupuncture more affordable, which is why i will open a community acupuncture clinic here someday. for now, i will be offering a sliding scale to everyone who comes to see me, charging between $40-$80 per treatment, and you decide what you can afford. i will not check your income… i don’t care. it can change from week to week depending on what your finances are looking like… i don’t care about that either. what i do care about is that you are able to afford treatments and that you can get in regularly enough to feel better. that’s it.

because i understand exactly how easy it is to get wrapped up in the busyness and stress of day to day life, i love being able to offer a quiet space where people can come to take care of themselves, kick their feet up (literally) and relax. i think this kind of self care is something too many people are missing from their lives, and i love that i get to support it with what i do. that being said, my first goal will always be to make sure that – whatever we are working on – you start feeling better, and soon.