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• big changes at grassroots •

hello!  if you’re here, you’re probably wondering what happened to grassroots community acupuncture?  marit (the owner) up and moved herself over the mountains to north central washington, and grassroots went with her.

not willing to leave her community without support (or her acupuncturists without jobs), she made sure to leave the clinic running in the awesome care of nick (one of those acupuncturists), who started fremont community acupuncture.  what does that mean?  it means that the clinic looks and feels pretty much the same, and the experience of care at fremont community acupuncture is exactly what you would have expected at grassroots, but it has a new shiny name, a new website, and a new scheduling system. they even take credit cards now!

so will grassroots open for business again in a new location?  we’re not sure yet… there is a very good chance that it will happen, but it may be a couple of years down the road.  if you come back every so often, we will try to post updates as we have a better idea of the road ahead.  may 2015